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If you have not already, please read our What They Are page to learn the details of our unique product.


All the designs are priced the same with no minimums on quantities. Retail prices range around $12.99 depending on location.


The front of each card identifies our company name with the tag line "Inspire curiosity" since that is what our designs are meant to do. The other side of the card provides product information.

Three varieties of display cards:

  1. Folded Card is a business sized card folded in half on which the earrings are hung. They can be slipped into display systems that have wide slots and they stand up by themselves.
  2. Flat Cards with Hangers are not folded but have a plastic hanger attached to the back. These fit most kinds of earring display systems.
  3. Punch Hole Cards also are not folded and have a hole for hanging.

1. Folded Cards

2. Flat Cards with Hangers

3. Punch Hole Cards

Displays System

When materials are avaliable we make a display system out of old louver paneled closet doors from the Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store. We have a larger and smaller size,. Large measures 18 inches wide by 15 inches tall and hold a few more then 30 pairs. The small size is 16 inches wide and about 12 inches tall and holds about 24 pairs. Price for either is $25.00 with no added shipping cost to your order. We ask that first time order with a display be for at least 30 pairs of earrings.

Earring Display

Make your own Display

Making your own dispay is very easy to do. The slotted closet door panels we use stand about 7 feet high and they usually come in pairs hinged together. Just leave them full size and give them a fresh coat of paint. You can use the extra space to hang other items. They can lean against the wall or if you leave the hinges they can be arranged at an angle and stand on their own. This may require some additional support, however. We hunt for our doors at salvage places like Habitat for Humanity Reuse Stores. You can also find new ones at most home improvements stores.

The Friends of Prime Hook NWR made their own display for there visitor center gift shop:

Hook Earring Display

Jabebo Earrings Sign

This informative sign answers several important questions people may have about our product. Just like the earrings it is made out of a cereal box. The sign measures about 3 inches by 2 inches. We will include a laminated sign like this with your first order.  If you do not receive one of these signs with your first order, please let us know!

Small Display Sign

A larger, more informative sign can be downloaded here.

For new accounts please call or email us as we would love to learn a little about your company or organization. Billing with 30-45 day terms is acceptable upon approval.

Download an Order Form in Word format. This can be attached in a email or faxed to us. The order form is for your convenience. You may create your list and you are welcome to call in orders

Credit Card and net-30 Payment

We do not maintain records of credit card info and if this is your method of payment you will have to touch base with us by phone for payment each time. An invoice will be sent with the shipment or to the billing address. You can set up 30 day terms for billing by sending us references and/or give us a call.


We ship by Priority Mail whenever possible because boxes are free, we can get packages to the PO easily, the cost is cheaper, and the shipping is usually 3 days or less. Thus we charge a flat 5 dollars for shipping by USPS which does not cover all the cost but we do appreciate the convenience and are able to pass some of the benefit back to you. If USPS does not deliver to your site then let us know if it is possible to address packages to a PO box where it will be held for you. If UPS or FedEx is your better option that is not a problem, however, we will need to charge full price for shipping plus the pick up fee which will add 12 or more dollars to the shipping cost.

Turnaround Time

It may take 3 weeks to get orders together. If your requested date is inside that time period let us know so we can try to send what we can in time. We do not do back orders but you can follow up with a second order.

Contact Us:

(814) 353-1022
Fax (814) 353-1044


Jabebo Earrings
Kevin Abbott
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Our studio ours are Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 Eastern time.