Southeast Coast and Florida Birds

Great Blue Heron Chickadee

Painted Bunting

100 Painted Bunting

Most likely to nest in the Carolina coastal region and Southern Midwestern states, ie parts of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and adjacent states.

Scrub Jay

116D Scrub Jay

In the west scrub jays live in many of the same regions as the Stellar's Jay but more likely in lower altitudes and scrubbier habitats and maybe not as far northward in range. They are common in the coastal region of California. There is also a Florida species similar in color that is associated with the scrubby oak thickets of ancient sandy dune fields that characterize certain areas of the peninsula.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

124 Red-Cockaded Woodpecker

(Paired with the Longleaf Pine Community.) A habitat specialist this woodpecker is exclusively associated with the Long Leaf Pine savannas characteristic of the Southeast coastal plains.

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Roseate spoonbill

136 Roseate Spoonbill

They range throughout South Florida and along the Texas Gulf Coast into Louisiana.

Roseate Tern

137B Roseate Tern

They have longer tail streamers than other terns and their distribution on the East Coast is disjuncted. You will find them on the New England coast and then again far south in the Florida Keys.

Brown Pelican (Eastern)

140 Brown Pelican

These Pelicans live along the shores and waterways of the Atlantic from Maryland south and around the Gulf Coast as well as the southern coastline of California. The need open water where they can dive for fish.

White Pelican

140W White Pelican

Summers and breeds on interior lakes of the north west and winters on lakes further south and along western and gulf coasts.

Wood Stork

167 Wood Stork

Large and conspicuous residents of Florida. They can be seen year round in a variety of wetlands including roadside ditches but they have highly specialized breeding criteria.


172 Crested Caracara

Mostly a tropical falcon with vulture like habits. Their range extends Mexico into southern Florida and South Central Texas.

Swallow-tailed Kite

180 Swallow-tailed Kite

The South East coastal region, and the Florida Peninsula especially, is the only North American location where these raptors are common. They like tree lined water ways and fields for hunting large insects on the wing.


210 White-crowned Pigeon

A species of the caribbean, there is a resident and endangered population in the Florida Keys. They depend on a few remaining natural hardwood hammocks but they will feed where ever gardeners plant appropriate natives.


280 Frigatebird

Common in the sky's around the Florida Keys. There is a nesting colony just west of Key West. Frigatebirds live on the wing over sub-tropical and tropical oceans.