Order Form for Wholesale Clients

If you are interested in purchasing as a retail customer you may do so at this link. We also want to invite you to see our Locations page where we try to keep an updated list of active vendors. There may be one located near you and they are likely to be accossiated with a really cool nature spot.

The order form is a complete list of all our designs. You can also use your own format or any kind of list you wish to submit. Its best to have both the item number and description.

Please remember that it may take us up to 3 weeks to complete orders. If you have an event you need earrings for and if it is sooner then the 3 week window then be sure to let us know the date and identify selections most important for the event. We will do what we can to prioritise and we will also be sure to send as much as we can in time for your event. We will not follow up with a back order unless requested.

If you are a new customer for us please read the additional info below.

Order form in Microsoft Word (if you have Word you can type in you numbers and return this to us as an email attachment)

Order form in PDF (read or print only unless you have Adobe Acrobat, you may have to print and fax this back to us)

Wholesale orders from new customers are welcome! We are always interested in know how you found out about us (If we don't know already) and we would love to know some background about your store or organization.

We recommend that you start with 20 to 30 to display. Most often we advise choosing a variety of individual selections and then 1 or 2 back ups of the designs that are more likely to sell for you. We do not require minimums for follow up orders. More information on the product, display cards, and display options is available at our Wholesale info page.

Please feel free to call us directly to discuss any of this. Some one is usually in the studio Monday through Saturday from 9 to 5 (Eastern Time). If not then leave us a message and you should hear back from us.

Jabebo Studio: (814) 353-1022