Minerva the Cat wins “Employee of the Month” every single month. She greets customers at the door (unless it’s nap time… and it’s often nap time) and seems confused if a customer seems more interested in shopping than in petting her. In her defense though, probably as many people come into the store to pet her as they do to shop.

Minerva is seven years old and came to us from the Elk Creek Humane Society in March of 2016. She had been there for six whole months! We can’t believe someone didn’t adopt her immediately, so we can only assume she was just waiting for us.

In her time with us, Minerva has taught us that slot by the front door that we thought was for the mail is actually so that people out on the sidewalk can pet her as they walk by. But we hope that you will actually come in and check out the store, after you finish petting Minerva, of course!

Minerva Smile

If you take pictures of Minerva, be sure to tag them with #MinervaTheShopCat so that we can see them!