Herps Designs

Spotted Salamander Gopher Tortoise


315 Alligator

These guys emphasize the prehistoric atmospshere that permeates southern swamps. But, do not forget they are also caring and watchful mothers.


320 Yellow-spotted Salamander

American Toad

323 American Toad

Tadpole & frog

325 Tadpole & Frog

Lilly Pads

327 Lilly Pad with Frog

329 Tree Frog

Spring Peeper

330 Spring Peeper

Gopher Tortoise

363 Gopher Tortoise

An important creature, unique to the southeastern pine Savannah communities. Their large burrows become accommodations for many other species of animals.

Diamondback Rattler

337A Diamondback Rattlesnake


337B Timber Rattlesnake

345 Chameleon

Painted turtle

360 Painted Turtle

Box Turtle

361 Box Turtle

Bog Turtle

362 Bog Turtle

Diamondback Terrapin

365 Diamondback Terrapin

Sea turtle

665 Sea Turtle


666 Leatherback Sea Turtle