Ground Birds

Great Blue Heron Chickadee


129 American Woodcock

Woodcocks breed in most all North America east of the great plains except for southern Florida and the northern parts of Canada. They are found year round through most of the south. They are common but well camouflaged and rarely seen except in the spring when the males are displaying. They like forests and wet meadows.


187 Roadrunner

An iconic denizen of the Southwest, particularly Arizona and New Mexico. Their range extends east to the Texas Gulf Coast. They like open dry country.

Gambel's Quail

215 Gambel's Quail

Southwest deserts with open scrubby vegetation. Most common in southern Arizona and New Mexico.

California Quail

216 California Quail

A common quail of the California coastal region and into the Northwest. They also live in the Great Salt Lake area and parts of Northern Utah. They like brush to wooded habitat including those associated with human habitat.

Sharp-tailed grouse

260 Sharp-tailed Grouse

A ground bird of the Northern plains and grasslands. Their range include a number of northwestern state and provence's to the north. Along the border region they live as far east as Michigan's upper Peninsula.

Prairie Chicken

261 Prairie Chicken

A large ground bird of the Midwest prairies threatened with the loss of these natural grasslands to crops and grazing. The males inflate orange sacs on their necks to attract females.

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Wild Turkey

265 Wild Turkey

Ubiquitous in wooded habitat interspersed with clearings. The clearings, including pastures and road shoulders, are where these guys are most likely to be seen but its is really impressive to see such a large birds lurking among the trees at close range.