Cranes and Large Birds

Great Blue Heron Chickadee

Great Blue Heron

134B Great Blue Heron

Seen year round through much of the US and breeding well into Canada. Common where ever suitable habitat is found which is always tied to water from marshy sloughs to shore lines.

Sandhill crane

163 Sandhill Crane

A very tall conspicuous bird that breeds mostly in Canada and some western states but there are smaller breeding populations in many other areas including Florida and Mississippi. In the lower forty-eight these cranes are known for their dramatic migration. They winter in large numbers in New Mexico, Texas and Florida. Along their migration routes there are several high profile stop over points where they gather temporarily in spectacular numbers.

Whooping crane

165 Whooping Crane

This species was once reduced to 15 individuals. Today they are still rare and endangered but the population has increased to 600 birds that migrate from western Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. The increasing population is a great conservation success story but there have also been failed attempts to reestablish populations wintering in Florida and New Mexico.

Califoprnia Condor

174 California Condor

Endangered and once reduced to 22 captive birds the species has been re-introduced to southern California, Arizona and parts of the Baja Peninsula. They fly over large areas to find food and nest and roost of cliffs.

Wild Turkey

265 Wild Turkey

Ubiquitous in wooded habitat interspersed with clearings. The clearings, including pastures and road shoulders, are where these guys are most likely to be seen but its is really impressive to see such a large birds lurking among the trees at close range.