Jabebo Saff Spring 2016
Counterclockwise starting with Minerva: Barbara (holding Minerva), Kate, Cecil, Kevin, Mary, and Amelia.

About Us

Jabebo Artists

Kevin Abbott
Co-owner and creator of Jabebo Earrings.
Kevin is the chief naturalist and curator of the collection of designs and created most of the artwork.  Kevin has a Wildlife Ecology degree from University of Florida

Mary Abbott
Co-owner and inspiration for Jabebo Earrings.
Mary has a degree in Music Ed from Penn State and a masters of Ethnomusicology from University of Maryland
Designed:  Santa and Tree, and Apple and Worm

Cecil Fish
Current Jabebo employee since 2014
Bachelor of Fine Arts with minor in Anthropology from Penn State University
Designed: Downs Syndrome Society, Wild Turkey, Brazilian Free-tailed Bat, and Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle

Kate Veneziano
Current Jabebo employee since 2016
Kate has a Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, & Sciences, with a focus on Art & Entrepreneurship. She is our primary contributor for the new artwork on our display cards.

Kelly Sefter
Current Jabebo employee, 2012 and returned in 2017
Kelly has rejoined us here at Jabebo, and currently designs artwork for our display cards. She is a Graduate of Fine Arts.
Designed: Gray squirrel, Zombie

Former Jabebo Artists

Mary Hanahan
Jabebo employee from Summer 2016 to Spring 2017
Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State University
Developed and developed new Jabebo website in 2017
Designed: Trillium card background

Barbara Wetcher
Jabebo employee from 2015 to 2016
Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from Maryland Institute College of Art
Designed: Siebe Gorman Helmet, Mummy, Daggerwing butterfly, 'I'iwi, Spice Bush Swallow Tail, and Right Whale

Jennifer Lambert
Jabebo employee from Spring 2015 to Spring 2016
Associate of Arts from Cape Cod Community College
Designed: Brown V. Board of Education, Classic vampire

Melissa Forkner
Jabebo employee from 2010-2015
Graduate of PSU College of Fine Arts and PAFA
Designed: Dias de los Muertos

Eric Knoll
Jabebo employee from 2013-2014
Wildlife Biology/Management degree from PSU
Currently working as a biologist in Deleware
Designed: Barred Owl

June Ramse
Jabebo Employee 2009
Designed: Sunflower